Wednesday 10 December 2014

SeaRISE Blog Tour: Commander Hadron Speaks


Timeshift anyone? Commander Hadron sells us his vision of the C-Bean

A guest post by Sarah Holding

Welcome to 2014. My name is Commander Hadron. As exclusive and valued members of our revolutionary TS100 programme, you will shortly undergo a comprehensive induction session with one of Hadron Services’ agents. You have been assigned agent AFOS21XV. The following are provided as back-up notes and will be circulated as a digital handout at the end of your induction.


May we congratulate you - you have made an excellent decision and we value your custom. Timeshifting is not the right option for everyone, but for those who choose to make the leap through time, a bright and promising future awaits you, in the past.


The twenty-second century presents a unique set of challenges to humankind following the cataclysms of the twenty-first. Many people find these challenges are best overcome with a move to an earlier time, while some move off planet, and others venture forth into the unknown and select the our newest TSplus100 Programme, although participants must sign a disclaimer as there are no guarantees that life in 2214 is any better.


As a participant in our TSminus100 Programme you have elected to be shipped back 100 years in time to 2014, together with the barest essentials you will need to integrate with everyday life in your chosen century: a passport, a month’s worth of local currency, plus clothes and personal items appropriate to this era. Please note that oxygen is plentiful in 2014, and your Bioports will not be needed.


Your agent, AFOS21XV will act as your local guide and chaperone for the first 48 hours. Arrival is provided in an urban location in a temperate latitude.


Having successfully completed our Language Optimisation Training Programme, (LOTP) you will also be equipped to speak the local dialect of the people living in the city of arrival. For additional support, we provide you with a Voicoder App.


Any unusual medical problems should be reported to your Agent, and if necessary he will order antidotes. Your base station is the C-Bean itself, which will remain in the vicinity for 72 hours after your arrival, disguised itself as something that will enable it to blend naturally with its surroundings.


You will each be provided with a Mailboat to facilitate telepathic communication with your loved ones in 2114. We recommend however that you only use this once a day to avoid Consciousness Leakage from being detected by the local law enforcement. There have been cases of alien arrests on suspicion of possession of telepathic equipment. You are also reminded to be alert to any vigilante telepathic activity by your Alter Human. They will have undertaken the switch to your Birthtime at the same moment in another C-Bean, but sometimes participants have experienced intense headaches and other symptoms as a result of their Alter Human trying to make contact during transit. It is not advised that you respond if this happens.


Please remember there can be no refunds or reversals. 72 hours after you arrive in your TSminus100 location, your contract with Hadron Services is terminated and you have no further recourse to us for technical support or customer relations.


We at Hadron Services pride ourselves in offering a unique service to the luxury end of the market, and we recommend that you take out Hadron Insurance to protect your investment. If you have selected the Remote Viewing add-on, this insurance protection is mandatory.


You might also wish to pledge a few extra Bars to our Bio-Offset Project, whereby for every human we relocate to the past who pledges 50 Bars or more, we can bring 50 mammals, 100 birds, 1000 insects or 10,000 seeds to the future.

The final book in Sarah Holding’s SeaBEAN Trilogy, SeaRISE which features the character of Commander Hadron, is now out. (Medina) available here.

About the Author:

Sarah HoldingSarah is a full-time children’s author, juggling writing with looking after a family of three children. They live in Surrey in a funny old house with a leaning tower. When she’s not writing she’s singing, and when she’s not singing she’s playing sax in her jazz band. She says she knew there would always come a time when the abandoned island of St Kilda would feature somewhere in her life, little thinking it would be the setting for her first children’s book.

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