Sunday, 11 January 2009

TV Show: Being Human - prequels

The news of casting changes in Being Human hasn't exactly filled me with joy. I went from marvelling at how great the pilot was to jubilation when it was awarded a six-episode season to disappointment at the replacement of Guy Flanagan and Andrea Riseborough.

I just watched the trailer which didn't exactly allay my fears.

However, I did go onto Being Human website (after following through links on The Grynne's post) and I found three prequel clips.

These clips definitely make me feel better. It seems the show is taking a darker approach than the pilot which seems to work quite well and I feel much better about the casting of Aidan Turner and Lenora Crichlow now. I was under the impression that George was much older as a werewolf though. His prequel shows that he was only recently changed. Did they depart from the pilot (which they warned they might) or did I get that wrong?

I'm really looking forward to the show now and wish I knew when it was starting again.

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