Sunday 11 January 2009

TV Show: Being Human - prequels

The news of casting changes in Being Human hasn't exactly filled me with joy. I went from marvelling at how great the pilot was to jubilation when it was awarded a six-episode season to disappointment at the replacement of Guy Flanagan and Andrea Riseborough.

I just watched the trailer which didn't exactly allay my fears.

However, I did go onto Being Human website (after following through links on The Grynne's post) and I found three prequel clips.

These clips definitely make me feel better. It seems the show is taking a darker approach than the pilot which seems to work quite well and I feel much better about the casting of Aidan Turner and Lenora Crichlow now. I was under the impression that George was much older as a werewolf though. His prequel shows that he was only recently changed. Did they depart from the pilot (which they warned they might) or did I get that wrong?

I'm really looking forward to the show now and wish I knew when it was starting again.



  1. I won't really be able to comment on these television show blogs as we have different shows in Australia.

  2. @ Pizza: That's okay - you don't ever have to comment unless you identify anyway. Do you watch any TV shows? What are your favourites?

    Is it Monday morning by you? It is Sunday night here - I am about to go to sleep.

  3. I think England is about 6 hours ahead or behind. No idea.

    I have a way different choice in T.V shows than books, for starters, I know lot's of people would think I'm mad, I absolutely hate Drama-ish shows. I love comedy,ever heard of these two, Friends, How I met your Mother? They are hilarious, they are both American shows but they are broadcasted here. Oh and I like Matt Groening cartoons.

    I'm not usually into cartoons but the shows "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" are an exception.

  4. England is about 12 hours behind you right now I think. Which city are you in? I want to move to Australia one day - maybe Brisbane where it is always hot.

    I'm the opposite - I don't really like comedy but I love drama. Have always been too serious for my own good! Futurama is good though!

  5. I live in Victoria, I won't say the TOWN, I do not live in a city, I have family in the city which is why I always say, I'm going to the "city", (the capital of Victoria). I like seeing my other elatives but I don't enjoy the city that much, it is too loud and
    I prefer a more natural environment. I do not live in a town where there is only like... two buildings, I live in a town where the population is roughly 3500. I know every single street, I know a fair few of the people, etc.

  6. @ Pizza: I love big cities! It's why I moved to London, so i could live and work in a big city. Still it isn't big enough - maybe one day I'll move to New York. Although it is cold in NY - one day I might move to Australia = somewhere like Brisbane where it is always hot.

    I've been to Melbourne before - that is in Victoria isn't it?

    I can't imagine living in such a small town - there were 2000 people in my high school and about 6 high schools in the space of a square mile.


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