Friday 16 January 2009

Season: Dead Like Me season 1

It's no secret that I am not really a comedy fan. I much prefer thrillers, action, adventure, fantasy, horror and drama in the film and television I watch, as well as the books I read.  Strangely enough, I like watching stand-up comedy or comedy at the theatre.

I think that is the primary reason that I never started watching Dead Like Me.  It kind of seemed to come and go without me really noticing.  Yet like so many shows that are cancelled before their time, the legend that is Dead Like Me continued to grow and I began to feel that I had missed out on a cult classic.


How convenient is it then that Sky were showing the entire season 1 in double bill time slots over a one month period?  

The basic premise of the show is that the five strapping young individuals in the picture above are grim reapers and the story starts with the death of George (second from the right) and her employment as a grim reaper.  Thankfully, the story doesn't follow a one-a-week formula with us learning who will die and how it all pans out which suits me fine.  I am so tired of one-a-week programming!  The story revolves around reapers essentially having to be crooks to support themselves in this world, George's family that she left behind and the relationships between the reapers.

For someone who doesn't like comedy, I can unabashedly say that I loved this show and I can find no fault with it.  I cannot believe they cancelled it after only one season!  I loved each and every one of the characters and I do hope that the movie rumours prove to be true.

Yes, I am English and I am that good looking My favourite character is Mason played by Callum Blue on whom I might have the slightest crush.  Which is to say he is drop dead gorgeous and completely morally bereft.  Judging from the last episode, I can definitely say he should get lucky more often.

Speaking of which, I think that is what makes the show work.  There are no fluffy clouds or moral statements.  It's the kind of show where you think, 'yeah, that's what I would do if I thought no one was looking too'.  Yo can really identify with the characters but laugh at it all at the same time too.

Bring the show back dammit!!!



  1. See, I always wondered about this show, too. It seemed like there was a huge buzz about it and then it just went away. And I've seen references to the hotness that is Callum Blue...heh. Guess I'll have to look into this!

  2. Hey V! Yeah - it's a huge pity that they cancelled it after only one season but it's definitely worth watching just for Callum.


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