Friday 19 March 2021

Keep Or Delete: Music Discoveries March 2021 #NewMusicAlert

Keep or Delete | New Music Friday

I didn't listen to as much new music as I'd wanted to in February. Snow and icy weather had me hibernating, hiding away from the world and when I do that, I just listen to old favourites. It's still ridiculously cold and dreary in March but suddenly this is perfect weather for discovering new stuff and I've returned to my roots listening to goth, industrial and indie, with a little folk and afropunk thrown in.

Brand New Music

"Noyalain (Burn)" by Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell

This is my single of the month and might well be my favourite track of 2021. I love Lisa Gerrard and once famously played "Sanvean" on repeat for six months. I also adore Dead Can Dance. This track? It's so good that I think it easily charts in my top ten favourite Gerrard / DCD tracks of all time.

Jules Maxwell is no stranger to Dead Can Dance fans. He is the currently keyboard player for the band and is a songwriter and composer. "Noyalain (Burn)" is the first track of the album Burn which will be released on 7 May 2021. Post-Punk reports that seven short films will accompany the seven tracks on the album and that "Noyalain" is an invitation to walk in peace.

"Oblivion" by Wisborg featuring Jørgen Munkeby

Back in the days when I lived in Doc Martens and had a spider web shaved into my undercut, I lived at Alcatraz, a goth, punk, industrial club in Johannesburg. I learned about Wisborg on the I Remember Club Alcatraz Facebook group. I love "I Believe in Nothing" and "Oblivion" from their upcoming album Into the Void which is out today 19 March 2021.

I love the drama of this track. It would be incredible to dance to on a packed dance floor.

"Gong" by Anna Wolf

I bet many female artists rue the day Kate Bush ever opened her mouth because so many of them get compared to her. In the case of Anna Wolf, it's impossible not to make that comparison but "Gong" is much more than that. This powerful track is begging to be played at full tilt and I've gone from not knowing Wolf to being a fan in the space of a song.

Now if only she could release a full length album!

"All Else is a Curse" by Astari Nite

Astari Nite found me on Instagram after I showered some love on Wisborg and I'm glad they did. Their music reminds me a lot of The Cure or Sisters of Mercy but it's Mychael Ghost's Bowie-esque vocals that give this band their distinctive sound. This track is a definite keeper and I'm looking forward to more of their stuff.

"Afraid" by Mackenzie Shivers

"Afraid" is the second track from Mackenzie's upcoming album Rejection Letter and it's pretty devastating. It's about being afraid, something which Mackenzie notes is "especially relevant now" and it genuinely feels like she's speaking to my soul.

Can I be afraid
And still be free?
I am afraid
What will become of me?

"Daisy" by Ashnikko

This track is absolutely not safe for work. Ashnikko reminds me a lot of Die Antwoord and I like this goddess manifesto track a lot. I'm not entirely sure I could listen to the entire album which means it's not exactly a keeper but I'll keep this track for now.

"1999" - Katie Kuffel

How beautiful is this woman's voice? Katie's album Alligator is finally out today and it's a definite keeper. It's Sunday-afternoon-tea-socks-and-cats type of music and I like it a lot. Definitely give "Carillon" a listen too.

Music That Is New to Me

"Mine" - Ohmme

I love this track a lot. It's the grandchild of the 1970s Focus track "Hocus Pocus" and love child of 1990s girl rock bands Breeders and Elastica. Mackenzie Shivers recommended this Sub Pop act to me and I'm glad she did!

"Threads" - Naut

This band reminds me so much of Fields of the Nephilim which I bet is no coincidence because I suspect the band name is a homage to my favourite Fields of the Nephilim track "Psychonaut". The whole Naut discography is worth listening to and I hope they bring out some new music soon.

"Africa" - GNL Zamba

Switching up the tempo completely is Ugandan rap icon GNL Zamba. Released in November 2020, this ambitious album reminds me a lot of Leftfield's Leftism.

"Shadow Love" - Astralseid

Norwegian Astralseid wrap up today. This track reminds me of Dead Can Dance, Return to the Source and Branco de Gaia. I'd recommend listening to the whole album, on repeat, for several days.

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  1. I've been a huge fan of Anna Wolf since the days when she performed as Tailor.

    Her music has evolved massively since those days, and it hit a completely new level when they moved to the UK. Her live show is also pretty amazing and quite intense, hopefully one day they come back to SA again and perform, after all *this*

    I'll be listening to the others on this list too, this whole covid thing had really messed up with my music listening and I need to start finding some new stuff.

    1. Oh! I did not realise Anna Wolf was a) South African and b) Tailor. I saw her supporting Johnny Clegg at the Eventim Apollo in London!

      I still have all the South African music you sent me. I must try find some more. Any suggestions?

  2. Replied on Twitter as well, I'm a bit out of date with the younger musicians, the joys of getting older. But Jacques Moolman from Shadowclub's solo stuff is really good. I'm also quite into The Black Cat Bones these last couple of years, if yiu haven't checked them out, definitely do!

    1. Oh! I've never heard of Black Cat Bones before. They sound great! It's safe to say that the only South African bands I know post-2007 are the ones you told me about!! Thank goodness for Spotify.


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