Saturday 23 May 2020

Sarah Rees Brennan's Marvellous 'Path of Night', Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #3 - Audiobook ★★★★☆

I know we don't really have control over these things but if you're planning on having a lockdown birthday this year, I'd highly recommend against it. It's samey and boring and likely to not be the best day in the year which is what it is definitely meant to be. The only shining beacon on my birthday this year was the release of Sarah Rees Brennan's third Chilling Adventures of Sabrina tie-in, Path of Night.

Path of Night by Sarah Rees Brennan | Superior Young Adult Fiction | Audiobook Review

Path of Night takes place immediately after the events in part 2 of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Nick Scratch is in Hell and Ambrose and Prudence have travelled to Europe to track down Father Blackwood. If you've watched part 3 of the series, you'll know that there's not very much time between the two series at all and so Sarah Rees Brennan takes a deep dive into each of the characters, giving us more insight than ever into Sabrina, Nick, Harvey, Ros, Theo, Prudence and Ambrose.

In Path of Night, Sabrina learns that in order to save Nick, she must appeal to the Lady of the Lake and embark on a series of quests along with Harvey, Ros and Theo. The only problem is that the quests will come at a great personal cost and one which the friends might not be able or willing to pay.

Path of Night by Sarah Rees Brennan | Superior Young Adult Fiction | Audiobook ReviewAfter loving the first two of Sarah Rees Brennan's tie-ins, I knew I was going to love Path of Night and I'm left thirsting for more CAOS and definitely more of Sarah Rees Brennan's novelisations. Alas, I do not have a date yet for either part 4 of CAOS or another novelisation to follow Path of Night.

I listened to the audiobook edition of this novel, as I did with Season of the Witch and Daughter of Chaos and it was so good to listen to Jessie Vilinsky and Nicol Zanzarella again. I've long been ready to listen to anything these two wonderful narrators read and Path of Night was no exception.

For feeding my insatiable obsession with all things CAOS-related, I give Path of Night an excellent four out of five stars and cannot wait to see what comes next from this franchise. Highly recommended for all fans of Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and lovers of superior paranormal YA fiction.



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