Sunday 29 September 2019

Victoria Schwab's 'Tunnel of Bones' (Cassidy Blake #2) on Audiobook ★★★★★

Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab | Superior Young Adult Fiction | Audiobook Review

It's official. After reading Victoria Schwab's Tunnel of Bones I am emphatically a fan of the Cassidy Blake series. Following immediately after the events in City of Ghosts, Tunnel of Bones finds the Inspectres and their ghost-hunting daughter in Paris to film the city's most-haunted sites.

While Cassidy's parents might not exactly be supernaturally gifted, Cassidy certainly is on account of a near-death experience and a ghost for a best friend. It doesn't take Cassidy long to find trouble and soon she is dealing with a very mischievous poltergeist. If you know anything about poltergeists it's that their behaviour escalates to utter mayhem and Cassidy must work against the clock to prevent Paris from descending into chaos.

I love the relationship between Cassidy and her ethereal best-friend Jacob. We learn much more about Jacob in Tunnel of Bones and it adds tangible angst to the story as Cassidy and Jacob grapple with who they are and their fears of what they might become.

Most interesting is the story about the poltergeist himself and how he came to find himself on the other side of the veil. Cassidy turns genealogist as she tracks down the poltergeist's living family to solve the riddle of his death.

Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab | Superior Young Adult Fiction | Audiobook ReviewWith haunted graveyards, tunnels full of bones, near-misses and an escalating threat, Tunnel of Bones is non-stop adventure that makes me ask two questions: when can we expect the third book in the series and when are they going to make this into a TV series?

I can answer the first question as Bridge of Souls is due out in 2020 but can only hope about an announcement for the second.

I listened to Tunnel of Bones on audiobook, narrated by Reba Buhr. Reba did a fantastic job of Cassidy and Jacob's voices as well a the multiple Parisian characters in the book. I would definitely recommend this series on audiobook.

I loved Tunnel of Bones and give it a superb five out of five stars. I'd recommend to fans of Harry Potter, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and The Mortal Instruments.


I received a complementary Audible credit to review this title. As always in my search for superior young adult fiction, all enthusiasm and love this novel is genuine and my own.


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