Monday 14 September 2015

Waiting Patiently for Arcade Fire's The Reflektor Tapes

Win Butler - Arcade Fire

Something unusual happened to me about a year ago. I’d never really paid Arcade Fire any attention, believing my friend Grainne when she said that they were over-rated. But then I heard a great track on the radio and decided to Shazam it (‘Shazam’ is so a verb, right?). It was Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor”.

Shortly thereafter, every track I Shazamed  turned out to be Arcade Fire, from tracks on their current album Reflektor to tracks like "Rebellion (Lies)" from Funeral and “Intervention” from Neon Bible. By December I’d bought all their albums and by January Arcade Fire was the soundtrack to my life when I was going though a particularly trying time.

There’s not much else to say – we’ve all been there at the moment we’ve gone from never hearing a band before to it becoming an all-out obsession. Road trips became a new kind of hell for my long-suffering husband as he was subjected to eight straight hours of Arcade Fire and my poor iPod was forced to play “We Exist” for, oh, about a fortnight on repeat.

The good news, in terms of being obsessed and getting my next fix, is that the band are releasing their film The Reflektor Tapes in the UK on 25 September, with previews on the 24th. Suffice to say, this addict can hardly wait…

Will Butler from Arcade Fires The Reflektor Tapes

The Press Release

Directed by 2013 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Short Films winner Kahlil Joseph,The Reflektor Tapes is a fascinating insight into the making of Arcade Fire's critically acclaimed, international #1 album Reflektor. The film recontextualizes the album experience, transporting the viewer into a kaleidoscopic sonic and visual landscape. It charts the band's creative journey as they lay foundations for the album in Jamaica, commence recording sessions in Montreal and play an impromptu gig at a Haitian hotel on the first night of Carnival, before bringing their breath-taking live show to packed arenas in Los Angeles and London.

With Arcade Fire granting previously unprecedented access to Joseph, The Reflektor Tapes fluidly blends in never before seen personal footage, including interviews, documentation of the recording process and moments captured by the band themselves, to dazzling effect.

In addition to showcasing music from Reflektor and other albums in Arcade Fire’s storied back catalogue, The Reflektor Tapes will give viewers a chance to hear an unreleased track for the first time and features 20 minutes of exclusive unseen footage, filmed only for cinema audiences.

The Trailer

The Poster

Reflektor Tapes poster

The Links

Website: The Reflektor Tapes | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


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