Thursday 28 November 2013

Music review: You & Me by Allies For Everyone

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If you're looking for a slice of catchy electronica with awesome melodies, check out the new You & Me EP from Allies For Everyone. The NYC-based group present four equally strong tracks that have plenty in common with each other, but enough differences to keep you interested for the duration of the EP (and a few repeats!).

We start with "Flashback", a fairly straightforward track that sets the mood nicely, defining the style for the EP. The synth accompaniment is simple, but it works. The vocals are strong. It's a good opener, although the ending is a bit abrupt.

Next up is "In The Wind", which contrasts well with "Flashback". This time, the vocals are sometimes leading the track, while at other times, they fade into the background to let the music take centre stage. Instruments that were previously in the background are now right in front of you. The balance between music and vocals is superb.

Allies for Everyone - You & Me EPThe chorus in "Feel Your Love" may appear to be based around a single note, but it soon develops with lovely chords and uplifting harmonies. The instrumentation just works; the synthpop melodies and percussion do a wonderful job of accompanying the catchy hook of the layered vocals in the latter half of the chorus. It's repetitive, but I don't mind: they're repeating the bits I enjoy.

Last but by no means least is the title track, "You & Me". Slower than "Feel Your Love", this track is lighter on the vocals than the first three. Here, the vocals purely accompany what is essentially an outro. Although the track is a little underdeveloped, there's still plenty to enjoy. The combination of offbeat notes with the rhythmic bassline results in a sound that is difficult to describe; a scattering of notes what initially comes to mind.

Overall, I enjoyed You & Me and would recommend giving it a listen.

Listen to You & Me on Soundcloud
Allies For Everyone website

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