Monday 20 June 2011

Music Video: “Idle Hands” – The Gutter Twins

Sometimes, music moves me to such an extent that I try to sit back and imagine what life was like before I discovered a certain album or band.  A couple weeks ago, Larry from CakeBlast featured “All Misery/Flowers” by The Gutter Twins on his blog.  I had never even heard of this band before but all of a sudden, everything had changed. 

I haven’t been able to stop listening to The Gutter Twins’ only album Saturnalia since I got it and it is dark, powerful and emotional stuff.  It is a real pity that they released only one album but Ill be certain to explore Larry’s other recommendations too, including The Twilight Singers.

“Idle Hands” was my favourite song from Saturnalia and the lyrics just captivated me.  The video is pretty good too.

“Idle Hands” – The Gutter Twins
Saturnalia (2008)

My idle hands
There's nothing I can do
But be the Devil's plaything, baby
And know that I've been used

Her lips are cold
They suffer me
They drag me under, baby
Into your suffering

Let your hands
Do what they will do
Stand inside
Make your Maker's move
And your eyes don't look the same
They seem enervated, in denial
Cast like stones-
Like you been rode for miles

My eyes have seen
They have been shown
This is an Occupation
To Stand alone
I suffer you-
You suffer me
We are the Devil's plaything
Into this Reckoning



  1. Love it..and love that it is called Saturnalia...such a festive event!
    Thanks Emm...i am rockin out now..

  2. I love the Gutter Twins! Great tune and great group!

  3. @ Kiki: Heh. It is a great title!

    @ Brent: Thought you might like them - your poems sometimes remind me of their style.


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