Monday 2 May 2011

Music Video: Communards–“Disenchanted”

I'm feeling uninspired and uneasy today. It took me ages to think of a song to feature today.  I spent the whole week listening to The Bambi Molesters but I featured them last week so what was I to do?  When I realised I was essentially feeling disenchanted, I knew which song I had to feature.

I fell in love with the Communards in 1986.  Such was the depth of my obsession that my mother crafted a birthday cake emblazoned with the album cover of the Communards’ eponymous debut album.  The first single I fell in love with from the album was their cover of “Don’t Leave Me This Way”, but I loved “Disenchanted”, “So Cold The Night” and “You Are My World” too.  Twenty-five years feels like such a short time but it isn’t really.  I guess it is only fitting that I feature this song in my birthday week and I am quite certain the melancholy and disenchantment will lift shortly.


Communards – “Disenchanted”

Communards (1985)

So, boy where you go, what you do,
Hey there boy what is wrong with
No future, no hope, just broken
You spend your days wondering why

I'll be your friend, I'll be around
I'll be everything you need
I'll be your friend, I'll be around
I'll be everything you need

Hey young man, why you cry
Don't you know, you've got to try
A little bit harder, you've got to stand
On your own two feet
Never let them drag you down
Hey there boy
This prejudice and ignorance we can

Disenchanted angry young man (x4)
I'll never let you down
Never let you down

So boy now you know what to do,
hey there boy don't be blue
There's future, there's hope, hope for
Hey young man just believe in what
you do.

Pride is something good for you
Believe in yourself.



  1. I haven't heard that song in ages! Thanks for reminding me of it! :) I loved your comment on my blog that you've never been a person to disclaim any genre of music - that's exactly how I am, too! Oh, and Princess Nagger gives you two thumbs up for the book you're reading in your sidebar - along with her obsession with dinosaurs, she's into dragons, too. ;)

  2. A new one for me!
    I hope you feel better soon and more settled.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Totally new for me. As I said before I'm sure getting educated on music doing this meme every week. Thanks for sharing, and playing along with us. Hope to see you next week too. Already following.

  4. you do have a lot of different music on this site.

  5. Well Em, since I see that you are promoting the free backlink, I have a question for you: do you believe in the negative affects of too many backlinks that we sometimes read about?
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  6. I can remember when this came out, I was just starting to hit the night clubs on all to frequent basis...such fun...such good memories.

    I hope you get some nice presents and a delicous birthday cake...

  7. Wow Love this..and so good to hear it again! the 80's were truly the best! holy wow..what a cool birthday cake..awesome!! thanks for making me smile Emm..fab post as always!

  8. @ Stacy: I'm so glad to meet another kindred spirit! Life must get very average if you listen to just one type of music. The Dragon Book was good (I reviewed it last week) but some of the stories are definitely not for younger children.

    @ JamericanSpice: Thank you! The week certainly got better!

    @ Xmas Dolly: Heh, this meme is definitely a great way to find new music.

    @ Self Sagacity: ha! I dedicated this week's post to you because of this comment!

    @ Blogger Broadcast: Yes, I do allow backlinks. But I also delete spam immediately, no questions asked. I write for an online magazine and Google explained to us that backlinks between two related sites are very good and can improve search engine notice. The important thing is that you've got to be writing content that the search engines (or search engine users) are looking for in the first place.

    @ William: Good memories indeed. I began clubbing a year later! Thank you! It was an awesome birthday this year!

    @ Kiki: I know - my mum was awesome back in the day.


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