Monday 11 April 2011

Music Video: Clinic–“Come Into Our Room”

I sometimes think technology was made just for me or more specifically, digital music.  I love mp3s and iPods and am gleeful that I will never have to negotiate another crappy CD cover again unless I really want to.  Perhaps the best invention ever is the Shazam icon app on iPhone.  I am sure everyone knows the app or one like it but what it does is pick up the digital signature in music and it can identify any song you like.  So if you’re in the middle of a shopping centre and you hear the most awesome song, you can whip out your iPhone and use the app to identify the song.

I’ve started watching The O.C., one of my favourite shows of all time,  right from the beginning again and I’m loving it.  In “The Rivals” (season 1, episode 17 of The O.C.) Ryan breaks into the principle’s office to steal Oliver’s file and the music playing in the background is awesome.  I used my trusty Shazam app et voila! It is Clinic –“Come Into Our Room”.

Judging from the video above and their profile, Clinic are clearly an indie band from Liverpool.  As a serious fan of British indie music, I am mortified that I had not previously heard of this band or noticed this song.  I shall have to redeem myself by rushing out and getting all of their albums.


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