Monday 21 March 2011

Music Video: Cake–“I Will Survive” (live)

I love the Cake version of the old Gloria Gaynor classic “I Will Survive” but my heart breaks just a little every time I listen to it so I don’t get around to listening to it very often.  It reminds me of a very unhappy time in my life which is thankfully a lifetime away now.

I’m not a fan of Cake’s other stuff (except for one or two other tracks on Fashion Nugget) but this video is great in that it shows just how talented the band really are and I love the trumpet and guitar solos in this song.  Perhaps I should listen to more of their stuff?



  1. oh im sorry to hear about your bad time mate. its horrible when songs bring back memories like that no matter how old they are x

    this version is a very different one though isnt it. i like a change up every now and then ;-)

  2. @ Tina: Aaaah, don't worry. I met my husband shortly after all of that and things are all good now! It is our 9th wedding anniversary next Monday! I do love this version.

  3. You can always listen to more Cake! They've got a new one out now. Cool version here. Thanks!

  4. @ Brent: Yeah, the new album has been getting good reviews. I might give it a try.


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