Friday 1 January 2010

The Eleventh Doctor: new series preview

The landing page at the Doctor Who website is already reflecting the new changes that the Eleventh Doctor will bring and the first sneak preview of the show is up. 

You’d have to have been living under a rock if you’re in England and didn’t know that the last Doctor Who episode starring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor aired tonight.  I’m not at all disappointed in the show but I am intensely sad and so won’t be able to review The End of Time parts 1 and 2 for some time.  Like I said to fellow Doctor Who fan Ben Barden on Twitter, I feel like I just lost my best friend! 

David, you will be missed but Matt and Karen, we’re eagerly awaiting your arrival on our screens!



  1. Hey Maria! Thanks for your visit. This wasn't my MM post, this was a television trailer!

  2. Definitely mixed feelings. I'm glad that the show is working so well and I'm sure Matt Smith will be great, but Tennant was really perfect. Of course I felt the same way when Tennant first came on though. (and much earlier when we lost Tom Baker) A built in hazard of being a Dr. Who fan!

  3. I wasn't terribly fond of part 1 of End of Time, but liked part 2 so much better. I also cried buckets. I loved David sooo much.

    Not sure about the new boy, but like Brent said, I wasn't at all sure about David in the beginning either! He won me over pretty quickly, though, and then I just grew to adore him.

    Here's hoping the new season turns out well!

  4. @ Brent: I know what you mean!! To me, Tom Baker was actually Doctor Who. I grew up with him!! And I thought David Tennant was funny looking and all wrong, until I was 30 seconds into his innings.

    @ Valerie: Oooh, I quite liked part 1. I have complete faith in Matt Smith! I hope I don't land up being wrong.

  5. Out of curiosity, are you planning to review some of the new episodes of Doctor Who? I'm enjoying it so far.

  6. Hi Ben! I really, really, really am / was but I have procrastinated myself silly for a couple of weeks now. I am a bad, bad Doctor Who fan.

  7. Haha, it's now 1 year later and we're onto Series 6 ;) Edging ever-closer to that elusive mid-seasons cliffhanger... it's gonna hurt, waiting until September for the resolution.

  8. @ Ben: Ha ha. One year later and I still can't bring myself to review it either. It's getting quite dire. I can't review anything I love.


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