Monday 4 January 2010

Music Monday # 13: Bohemian Like You

This is an example of the wonder of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.  I heard this song in a restaurant the other day and promptly decided it was My Best Song Evar but i had no idea who sang it! So I tweeted “I'm being driven crazy by a song! It is an indie alternative song and it goes something like "cause I like you, yes I like you". Help!” and a million people answered and now i get to share the song with you!

Happy Music Monday.

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  1. Happy Music Monday and Happy New Year to you! :)

    Thank God for twitter indeed eh? :)

  2. Hi Ane! Thanks for your comment and happy new year! Actually, Facebook saved my brother's life last month as he had fallen seriously ill and we needed to get a friend to go check on him. What would we do without these social networks???


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