Wednesday 30 September 2009

Primeval Saved From Extinction

The Stage was reporting today that Primeval was resurrected in a ITV/UKTV deal.  This move will be welcomed by fans after ITV announced in June that they had no plans to continue with the show after season 3.


The show will return to UK screens for two seasons from 2011.  In a deal between ITV and the UKTV channel Watch, ITV will premiere season 4 in 2011 and Watch will premiere season 5 later that year.  That is a lot of Primeval for one year and it will either sink the show or send its ratings into orbit. 

Primeval remains the ITV’s main contender in the competition against Doctor Who and Torchwood.

ITV Press Announcement



  1. I must say, I am quite happy to hear this. I have only recently started watching Primeval and have really been enjoying it.

  2. In Australia we were going to get Primeval season 2 this year. I loved the first season but season 2 was axed before it went to air. :(

  3. I was into Primeval before I lived abroad for a bit and kind of forgot about it when I came back. I suppose it wasn't too bad, but it isn't exactly in the same league as Dr Who.

  4. @ Vanessa: Would you believe I have not started watching it yet?? I'm just pretty happy about the news as I wanted to start watching it and was hesitant to do so if it was ending.

    @ Zakk: Australia is an interesting market actually and a lot of shows that do well in the States or the UK pan there and vice versa. It's a pity it was axed!

    @ William: Ha! I try not to compare anything to my beloved Doctor Who oterwise I'd live a life of constant disappointment!


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