Sunday 27 September 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures returns!


Fabulous news then.  The Sarah Jane Adventures returns to our screens on 15 October 2009.  The one-time Doctor Who companion returns for a third season and will feature a visit from The Doctor himself!  How exciting!!

It looks like there are will be six two-part adventures and thus twelve episodes:

  • Prisoners of the Judoon (15/16 October 2009)
  • The Mad Woman in the Attic (22/23 October 2009)
  • The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (29/30 October 2009)
  • The Eternity Trap (5/6 November 2009)
  • Mona Lisa’s Revenge (12/13 November 2009)
  • The Gift (19/20 November 2009)


The first episode of season three of The Sarah Jane Adventures will air at 4.35pm on 15 October 2009 on BBC One.



  1. Argghhh...season three already? I haven't seen any of this series yet, even though I want to. Just like I haven't seen Merlin yet, even though the first season aired here.

    It's impossible to keep up. Argh.

  2. @ Valerie: I know!!! There is just so much television to see and so very little time!!


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