Wednesday 22 July 2009

August Reading Challenge

I'd like to introduce you all to Pizza at Pizza's Book Discussion. Pizza is a fourteen-year-old boy from Australia who loves to read. He has worked very hard on his blog lately and it is beginning to show as more and more people are joining.

Not only does he like to read, he likes to encourage others to do so too. I invite you then to join his August Reading Challenge. The point is not necessarily to win the challenge but to challenge yourself and read as much as you can. After spending the past two weeks not reading a thing and listening to Harry Potter audiobooks, I will be more than happy to challenge myself to read four books in August. One a week. Please see the details below.


"At the start of August, I will hold a contest to see who reads the most books in August. The winner will not receive a prize but will win an award to put on the side of their blog, which I will post at the end of August".

Link to August Reading Challenge



  1. My 17 year old daughter is a huge reader too and since you will be reading four books in the month of August, could I recommend some to you? Hailee is really good at picking books. She loves history with a little mystery thrown in. I didn't see these on your list.

    Interred with Their Bones
    The Historian
    The Rossetti Letter
    The Time Traveler's Wife - This one is one of my favorites

    Please let us know what you thought of them!
    Denise @cottagesisters

  2. Hi Denise! Thanks for popping by and commenting. You guys should take part in the challenge if you like reading, Pizza could sure use the support!

    Those books look good but I think I am going to dedicate August to science fiction and fantasy as I have joined a book club. I do tend to prefer historical non-fiction as historical fiction leaves me wanting to go back and check the facts!! But thanks fr the recommendations - I'll put them on my "maybe" list.


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