Tuesday 5 May 2009

Book review: Breathe – Cliff McNish

For someone who has admitted to still being scared of the dark at my ripe old age, I have a strange love for all things paranormal and supernatural.  I grabbed this book as soon as I saw that it was about ghosts. 

This is a classic tale of a haunted house and a young boy who can see and hear ghosts.  The book is aimed at a younger audience but the characters were quite well developed and it was an enjoyable and quick read.  The book is quite scary but I don’t think it is too frightening for the younger reader (especially if it didn’t scare me!).  Each chapter ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger so it is near impossible to put the book down and I managed to finish the book in a couple of days.

Sadly, though, I think the last couple of pages really let the book down.  It wasn’t  a very long book so I feel the author could possibly have spent a couple of more pages to finish the book off properly.  As it was, the ending was just too neat and convenient and it was quite a contrast to the rest of the book which was actually quite well written.  I give it four out of five stars for this reason.
Rating: vc-hot-4star


  1. A few years ago I read Cliff's trilogy about the witches and would highly recommend them. I haven't read any of his work since though, I really should take a look what he's been up to.

  2. @ John: Oooooh, I hadn't thought of reading more of his books but I will now!


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