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Film: Batman Begins (2005)

Batman Begins
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Sometimes I honestly wonder about myself. Christian Bale is one of my favourite actors, Batman is one of my favourite comic franchises of all time and Batman Begins scored 84% at both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.  Yet for some completely unknown reason, I never saw this film and being of the slightly obsessive persuasion, I can’t possibly watch The Dark Knight without watching the first film in the series.

While we were on holiday, I finally saw Batman Begins.  The film is absolutely awesome and it benefits from impressive cinematography and brilliant acting.  Even Katie Holmes manages to be slightly less annoying than usual (Katie played one of my favourite characters in Dawson’s Creek and then she suddenly became a whiny, emotional leech rivalled only by Marissa on The O.C.).

I think I will definitely watch this film again because it has the fandom, repeat viewing quality that so few films have these days.  It chronicles Bruce Wayne’s early days, the death of his parents (no, that is no a spoiler.  If you don’t know the basic story behind the Batman franchise then I’m sorry, but have you grown up underground?) and the events which lead up to him becoming a clandestine crime fighter.

Bruce Wayne Image source What would one of my posts be without some gratuitous and entirely unnecessary eye candy?

Christian Bale was absolutely stunning in this film.  I have been a fan of his since his brilliant performance in Empire of the Sun, a film that topped my all time list of favourite films for many years (and I found the recording of him going batshit on someone to be quite unsettling but a turn on nonetheless).

Strangely, though, that wasn’t the best thing about this film.  The best thing about Batman Begins was Cillian Murphy and his fantastic performance as Dr Jonathan Crane / The Scarecrow.  I’ve admired Cillian Murphy once before on this blog when I reviewed 28 Days Later but this performance was inspired and The Scarecrow is possibly the second best performance in an evil bad guy role I’ve ever seen (the best being Wes Bentley as Blackheart in Ghost Rider).  I loved how unhinged and morally bereft he was and I cannot wait to see more of him in The Dark Knight.

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So there you go.  I went from not really being interested in this latest instalment of the Batman story to totally loving it and being a fan.  I hope to watch, love and review The Dark Knight soon.

Rating: vc-hot-5star



  1. I loved the second one, I never saw the first for some unknown reason.

  2. I didn't think that much of Batman Begins but I LOVED Dark Knight. There were too many actors in BB which annoyed me too much - Holmes and Neeson, for a start. Bale was excellent, though, as always.

  3. Wow, thanks for linking to the Christian Bale audio. I remember all the uproar about it and I just never bothered because from what I'd heard it sounded like he kind of had a point. Like the Alec Baldwin phone call debacle, I know that these guys are just people and have moments when they wig out, just like the rest of us.

    This didn't diminish my opinion of him at all. And to me, it sounded like the guy he was annoyed with just wouldn't shut up, which made Bale light up even more. Heh.

    I think maybe people who don't do artistic things--or maybe just people who don't get completely absorbed in their work--don't understand how much a distraction can throw you off. When I'm trying to write fiction and I've got a good thought going and then the phone rings--it's like this instant reaction of hate towards whoever it is, because sometimes that good thought you had going evaporates from the distraction.

    I always think of Viggo Mortensen, who didn't have a phone in his house. When he missed a few important calls from his agent, he finally got one. The first time it rang, he was working on a painting I think, and he got so annoyed he ripped the phone out of the wall and threw it

    All this to say that yeah, yelling, swearing, intense artist Christian Bale? Very hot.

    Batman Begins had a few flaws, but I did enjoy it and the performances are excellent. Cillian Murphy is a tiny tiny man but also very hot and he was scary and creepy and excellent in the role. And there was actually a tiny modicum of hope in the first one. The second Batman movie also has stellar performances, but it was just so dark and grim and actually, Batman isn't even the center of it.

  4. @ Pizza: See now, I couldn't do that. I am too... particular to see the second film in a series before I have seen the first!

    @ TH: Now I definitely have to see the Dark Knight!!!

    @ Valerie: Heh. My mind is usually sufficiently scattered and shredded to the extent that I am disturbed enough without having to stress about outside distractions! My Mum envisaged a calm, gentle girl when she gave me the middle name of Serena - boy did she get the opposite! *grin*

    re: Cillian - I like small, wirey men sometimes. I think it is a throwback to my gothic days. :)

  5. Hi, Emm -- I did a little review of Batman Begins (linked here --> I like your review. I am trying to figure out your book lists so I can use this widget for FatScribe.



  6. Hi JGregg. Which booklists are those? If you mean the Goodreads ones, they can be found here:

    Just sign up for an account, add your books and voila! Add a widget.

    Oh, and you're welcome to add me as a friend on Goodreads too if you'd like.

  7. Hi, Emm -- Ok, so I am now on Goodreads (found out I have several friends already on there!), and will play around with the widget. Thank you for the tips(!) and for your visit over to FatScribe!!! I hope to one day be cool like you and your blog of note!!!



  8. @ JGregg: May I ask what your Goodreads name is so I can friend you? This is me


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