Friday 12 December 2008

Music: Twilight - The Score (music by Carter Burwell)

Despite my glowing review of Twilight, I have managed to discover one extremely redeeming quality of the film: it has the most awesome score I have heard in a film since The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The score is beautiful and haunting and I purposefully stalled in putting it on my iPod because I know it is the type of music I could lose myself in. It has the power to transport me and stir my imagination and I had needed to remain grounded up until now.

This whole Twilight series and the film have me so confused, I have to be honest. I truly believe the books are badly written which is a pity because my best friend Vanessa has found the books to be amazing. Like in my previous post where I used the logic, if I'm thinking it's the worst film I've ever seen, then maybe it is; I am half way through Eclipse and I have decided that I'm definitely not spending money on Breaking Dawn. If I read it at all. If I am thinking that kind of thing, maybe I should be giving up???!!!

The confusion comes in that I can't resist the books - I am hooked and can't stop reading even as I groan and wish that someone would put the author out of her misery. Half of Eclipse has been spent in the characters slowly realising something that was obvious way at the beginning of the book when Bella's room is broken into.

One final word on this (well, it will be the last bad word): I think that the distributors made a massive mistake in not releasing the film on the same day worldwide. They would have made so much more money if they had released the film simultaneously across the globe and not allowed ratings of 59% on IMDb and 44% on Rotten Tomatoes to deter people from watching it in cinemas.

At the end of the day, that was the reason I caved and decided to download it. I had every single intention of spending £8 to go watch it in the cinema but couldn't believe the bad ratings it was getting. Today I am watching it for the third time and I am still finding myself irritated and jarred by just about every scene. The film just doesn't work for me and I am really disappointed.

That is why I say that it will be the last bad thing I write about the books or the film. It is not fair to true fans and I am sure many people are thinking, "well just don't read the books or watch the film then". Maybe one day I'll have an epiphany and I can blog about why I care so much; perhaps I feel that the story could just have been handled better. In any event, I just finished the fourth book in the Power of Five series and I need to review that and I expect to race through the third book in the Old Kingdom series shortly too.


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