Friday 11 April 2008

PJ Harvey - White Chalk (2007)

I'm going to Hell.  I don't like the new PJ Harvey album.  I find it whiny, repetitive and boring.  In addition to being seriously uncool and un-indie now, if I trash this album then I will break the cycle of having every single other PJ album.  I even have her b-sides. 

I worked out that it would take a full year to listen to all the music I have on my iPod.  That is based on listening to my iPod for about four hours every weekday.  (The rest is done on my home or work computers). Given my tendency to play the same songs or albums on repeat over and over again, that estimate increases substantially. 

Therefore, life is simply too short to keep albums like this on your shelf just because you want your collection to look complete / you have loyalty to the best female artist of all time / you are pathologically unable to discard music, books or any other possessions.

Trash can it is then.


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