Monday 25 February 2008

TV Show: Robin Hood

There were two reasons why I was pretty excited about seeing Robin Hood, being a) I was really impressed with Jonas Armstrong's performance in The Ghost Squad (he plays Robin) and b) it is a UK production.

So imagine my pleasant surprise at the Robin Hood weekend on UK TV Gold this weekend. I watched 11 episodes from season 1 on the weekend and then the last 2 tonight.

What a brilliant show. My top shows are now Doctor Who (2005), Robin Hood and Torchwood. It's the first time ever that my top three shows have been all British but I still have a good stock of US shows in my top 10 including Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, Prison Break, ER, Greys Anatomy, House and NCIS.

The biggest (and most pleasant) surprise in Robin Hood has been Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlett. Oh. my. lord. this man is hot. Drool. Gratuitous pictures of Will Scarlett:

filmfreak16_05 princesslucky03 telltale02

Of course, I already had a keen interest in Harry from when he played a maniacal, sociopathic alien in my favourite episodes of Doctor Who (Human Nature and The Family of Blood). Here are some pics from Harry's portrayal as Jeremy Baines:

nimrodelriver01 nimrodelriver02 nimrodelriver03 

*Sigh* What a lovely, yummy man. And Robin Hood and Alan-a-Dale aren't half hot either.


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