Wednesday 3 October 2007

Film review: Human Traffic (1999)

Nice one bruvva!!

I watched this film when it came out in 1999 and I dare say, it probably had quite a different impact back then. Back then, I headed straight off to a nightclub afterwards. This time I sat in my pyjamas and drank hot chocolate.

Has it dated? I think the themes coming through in the film (that the scene has changed and isn't the spiritual journey it was before) mean that essentially, yes, the film has dated. Today there are neo-ravers, which highlights (rather painfully) that the era of go-go stripe raves is over. There isn't the driving search for love, meaning and belonging. Yada yada. But the film is about that exactly: the scene changing; your experiences not being what they used to be; you growing up and no longer relating to the whole scene; and the one basic rule of partying - when the comedown is so bad that it overshadows the rush, then it is time to stop.

Editorial on rave culture aside, sitting through 90 minutes of John Simm is not the worst thing a girl can do. He's Sex on Legs, he is.


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