Sunday 9 December 2007

Film review: Stardust (2007)

What a lovely film! I had wanted to see this film since I first saw the trailer in July but somehow, when it finally came on the circuit I was too busy.

What can I say that will be useful? This will be one of the most original films you'll see in a long time. The story is fantastic, the acting is great and the cameo appearances are fabulous. I wish this were a series in a way because I really loved dwelling in that fantasy world for a couple of hours.




  1. I imagined Stardust would be your kind of film! While on the Isle of Skye we got to visit a couple of locations from the movie :-)

    I've watched Stardust 3 times. Even my mum enjoyed it ;-)

  2. @ John: Hee! You've really been pulling my reviews out of the archives! I used to review on and and there wasn't really much of a requirement for reviews. I much prefer my reviews now!! I loved this film. I saw it on the same day as Golden Compass which I hated (but it made me read the books which I loved).

  3. This is a good fantasy romance movie. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of books being adapted to movies.


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