Sunday 30 September 2007

Film reviews: September 2007

Babel Babel (2006)

It's taken a long time for me to write this review which in a way is a good thing. For months, this film has gone round and round in my mind. It is an excellent film, expertly directed and with a strong, capable cast. It is jus a really thought provoking film and highlights how random and chaotic our lives can be.
Watch it.

Syriana Syriana (2005)

This is a really good film but it is quite complex and not all that much fun to watch. Good for an intellectual afternoon out but not so good for peace and relaxation.


Derailed Derailed (2005)
This is a good film and I was really happy with the ending (although now my curiousity is piqued and I want to read the book). There were definitely a couple of times when I felt truly disgusted but that reflects more on really believable acting than anything ad about the film.
Pursuit of Happiness The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)
This is the most amazing and inspirational film. I could be acerbic and call the film formulaic, as have many other people. I won't though. I went in knowing the story was based on fact and I just let myself experience it after that. This film makes you believe you can do anything and the acting was pretty good too.
Finding Neverland Finding Neverland (2004)
Squee! My company owns and occupies the building in which J.M. Barrie wrote Peter Pan so watching this film was exciting on so many levels. This film is awesome and Johnny Depp is really one of the greatest and most versatile actors ever. I love Peter Pan and it was wonderful to get an idea of who the real Peter was.
The Holiday The Holiday (2006)
Aaaa, this is a lovely film. I really enjoyed this - it was so romantic! Makes you want to fall in love all over again.
Wonder Boys Wonder Boys (2000)

This is a fun film! It's portrays a fine comedy of errors and the characters are nicely developed. I wouldn't mind seeing this film again actually - it really is quite good.



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