Sunday 30 September 2007

TV: Supernatural season 2

Yay! I finally finished watching Supernatural season 2 and I finally have internet access at home. Granted, it's dial up for a week or so, but after 3 months pretty much cut off from the internet world, I'm not complaining.

By the way... UK banks suck and trying to get internet access without your own telephone landline is impossible. I really miss my wireless broadband which I could just pick up and take on holiday with me.

Supernatural Season 2

Episode 1

I always knew that Dean just had to survive seeing as though Jenson Ackles had signed on for the full season. Spoiling the season for myself aside, it was just marvellous seeing Sammy looking all broken and sad.

The episode was brilliant. I loved the idea of Dean being on the "other side" speaking to Sam and dealing with his possible impending death. The Grim Reaper was really well portrayed and I'm glad that she (he, it?) wasn't that easily defeated and that it took an unholy alliance to do so.

All in all, I was super pleased to see Dean back but I was pretty sad that we lost John at the end of the episode. I wasn't really prepared for that.

Episode 2

MIT, it's a school in Boston

When I first watched this episode (and the next 10 or so after it), I had no idea who Chad Lindbergh was. I do know now, however, and it was for him that I watched almost the entire second season of Supernatural over again. I guess you have to see him in other roles or without the mullet to appreciate how brilliantly he portrays Ash, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The funeral pyre scene at the beginning of this episode was really beautiful and a fitting farewell to a demon hunter. A burial simply wouldn't have done. I must say, Jared Padalecki cries really, really well and the boy's devastation was palpable in this scene.

Meeting Ellen and Jo for the first time has to be one of my favourite scenes of the series so far. Jo is so beautiful; I wish she had a much bigger role in the season. Ash too actually (wish he had a bigger role, not that he's beautiful).

I liked the idea of the Rakshasa and how it lends itself to disguising as a clown. I must say, it has nothing to do with IT, but I don't like happy clowns at all.

Episode 3

Good Vampire, Bad Vampire

Okay, the chainsaw-blood splatter scene was really gory and it actually shows how tame Supernatural can be at times. In a series like this you'd expect far more blood and gore, but Supernatural relies on the idea of evil and horror rather than actually spelling it out for the audience.

I don't know whether I just really identify with moody, emo Sam but I agree with his immediate distrust of Gordon Walker. I suppose it's just that he's a zealot and over time I've come to be wary extremists of all types, whether they think they're on the side of good or evil.

Good vampires? I suppose that would be evolution. I mean, why not? I could train myself never to eat a bacon sandwich ever again and become a vegetarian, why couldn't vampires train themselves not to drink human blood? I suppose if they all land up being as gorgeous as Lenore, then maybe it isn't such a bad idea after all. Okay, the real world beckons.

Episode 4

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

Yeah... this episode was okay, I guess. It's a good storyline - the innocent girl wronged by her cheating boyfriend and her traitor of a best friend; comes back and exacts revenge on the two of them and is assisted by her well meaning but deluded male friend who brings her back by the dead.

I think it displays really that we watch these programmes as much for the individual stories as the meta-stories running through the entire seasons or series. This is a nice feel-good example of identifying evil and destroying it but it has none of the angst and emotion of the previous three episodes.

Episode 5

One of my favourite aspects of Supernatural is the music. That cheesy, emotional late 70's, early 80's soft rock that I eschewed in my early 20's but am absolutely crazy about (again) now. REO Speedwagon and Spinal Tap in one episode = great.

I absolutely loved this episode. I love Andy and really wish he'd become a bit more of a regular on the show, but I guess we can't hold onto every character that we love.

This is one of those episodes where so much happens and the storyline is nicely wrapped up. We get loads of background on what is happening with Sam and can also see that the Demon's Little Yellow Soldiers can range from good to clueless to downright devoid of any moral fibre.

I'm really starting to like Ellen and Jo and the saloon represents a really effective central point for the series, much like a base of operations.

This is definitely one of my favourite episodes ever. Generally speaking, I love the concept of mind control and Jedi mind tricks. My superhero power would definitely be mind control and telepathy.


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