Monday, 25 April 2011

Music Video: The Bambi Molesters–“Malaguena”

Um, why has no one ever told me about Bambi Molesters before? Better yet, when I was at Exit Festival in July 2010, why was I not dragged kicking and screaming to see them on stage?  Granted, they played at 2am on the Monday morning by which time I was near fainting and hallucinating from lack of sleep after staying awake for four days but come on!  Surely I could have been force fed yet another dodgy-yet-lethal caffeine/guarana drink and forced to see the gig?


I hate discovering brilliant bands and then discovering that I missed an opportunity to see them in concert.  It kind of reminds me of the time Cranberries were just starting out and I opted to stay at home with a friend because I only had one ticket and he couldn’t go.

Apart from having a brilliant name, surf-rock trio hail from Croatia and are now the second Croatian band I am mad about.

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