Monday 18 April 2011

Music Video: Placebo - “I Know”

Placebo's iconic track "I Know" was never intended to be a single and no official video was ever recorded for the song.  Yet somehow it remains the absolute favourite track of many Placebo fans, including me.  It appeared on their debut album Placebo between singles “Nancy Boy” and "Bruise Pristine" but I’ve never been able to listen straight through the album without playing “I Know” over and over again.  The lyrics just get me every time.

I must say, I would love to hear this song live but I’ve seen Placebo twice in concert and have never heard them play this track.

Thanks to Song of the Day for reminding me of this brilliant track.



  1. Hey Emm that's a great song indeed lyrics stick in my head also every time I hear it! I have also seen placebo live once and they didn't play it...too bad. Thanks for the link also ;). Glad to see people like the music I post.

  2. Good tune Emm, I'd only heard a few songs from these guys but I'll have to dig a little deeper. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. @ Hehe: No problem!

    @ Brent: Definitely dig deeper, they are so worth it!


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