Monday 25 April 2011

Music Video: The Bambi Molesters–“Malaguena”

Um, why has no one ever told me about Bambi Molesters before? Better yet, when I was at Exit Festival in July 2010, why was I not dragged kicking and screaming to see them on stage?  Granted, they played at 2am on the Monday morning by which time I was near fainting and hallucinating from lack of sleep after staying awake for four days but come on!  Surely I could have been force fed yet another dodgy-yet-lethal caffeine/guarana drink and forced to see the gig?


I hate discovering brilliant bands and then discovering that I missed an opportunity to see them in concert.  It kind of reminds me of the time Cranberries were just starting out and I opted to stay at home with a friend because I only had one ticket and he couldn’t go.

Apart from having a brilliant name, surf-rock trio hail from Croatia and are now the second Croatian band I am mad about.



  1. Great Track - Happy MM to you x

  2. Thanks for the introduction - I'd never heard them before either - love 'em! Happy MM! :)

    Hold It Against Me - Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?

  3. I keep hearing about the band cranberries lately.

    Thanks for sharing this one. I have not heard of them before.

    Happy monday.

  4. Great track! I looked up some more of their music and am grateful for the introduction. I'm sorry you missed seeing them live.

  5. That really is a bummer to miss such performance while you were actually there. Especially when the band is this good! I hope you'll have your chance to see them live.
    Oh, BTW, I just wanna share this. We have a great surf-rock band too, from Jogja (Indonesia). Try to search for Southern Beach Terror. And see if you like them. :)

  6. I know how you feel. If I remember correctly when they were first starting out they played downtown at a New Years Eve Party. So close, but yet so far. Thanks for joining in the fun with us, and we hope to see you next week too. I'm your latest follower. Nice to meet you.

  7. Really great! Loved the song, I'm gonna hear more from the band. Too bad you missed the concert though...

  8. Good band with a great sound. I'm not usually into instrumental bands, but I can happily lisen to this lot.

  9. you're right, they do need to get more publicity. this was awesome! thanks for sharing!

  10. @ Misterbump: Thank you!

    @ Stacy Uncorked: Glad you liked them! It is always good to discover new bands!

    @ JamericanSpice: Heh. Well, I've seen about 150 bands in concert since that fateful day in 1993 and I have never seen Cranberries!! = regret!

    @ Cakeblast: Ooooh, I hope you enjoy the rest of their albums. I got two of them but hope to get the other two soon!

    @ C.A.T.: The Southern Beach Terror sound awesome but I can't seem to find their albums anywhere (well, not Amazon or any of the usual places I look). Big pity!

    @ Xmas Dolly: Hey! Nice to meet you too. Thanks for arranging the MMMM.

    @ Hehe: It's okay. I will try figure out when they are playing and hopefully go through to Croatia to see them!

    @ William: Me neither but I agree! They are good!

    @ Mystery Man: Thank you and it's a pleasure!


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