Friday 17 April 2020

New Music Friday: Suzy & the Lifeguard 'Anima' EP

Suzy & the Lifeguard | Anima EP | New Music Friday

I've realised over the past weeks (or has it been years? I've lost count) that we all have the same shared experience. We're missing our friends and families, longing for our old lives, wishing we could escape. Like millions of travellers worldwide, we were meant to travel at the end of March - an island holiday - but that didn't happen. Instead, I've remained at home since 13th March and I'm trying to keep to a schedule.

Because I've been working 10-12 hour days, I've also scheduled in serious downtime - running, discovering new music, trying to concentrate long enough to read books.

My favourite new discovery in recent weeks? Suzy & the Lifeguard.

Suzy & the Lifeguard

The after-ego of Suzy Paradise, Suzy & the Lifeguard is music for people who need to escape. Trippy and psychedelic, her tracks immediately evoke images of nautical dreams and jazzy interludes beside the ocean. I might have lost a week beside the sea but listening to Anima, I can almost taste those cocktails and believe that I will be there again one day soon.

Anima EP

The Anima EP was produced by Grammy award-winning recording and mix engineer, Phil Joly who has worked with Patti Smith, Lana Del Rey and Daft Punk. This is her second EP after her 2015 Suzy & the Lifeguard EP earned a “Best Jazz Song with Vocals” nomination at the 14th Annual International Music Awards. By her own admission, Anima is darker, dreamier and more introspective, invoking breezy seaside evenings full of moody ambiance.

Anima is short at just 21 minutes. I always feel that EPs are too short, leaving me thirsting for more, but the best thing about Anima is that it is perfect to play over and over again. "Now", "Take It Slow" and "Loolluby" are the first singles off the EP but my favourite track is "Guides" with its seaside, Fairground Attraction vibe.



The Anima EP will be released on May 1, 2020 and you can pre-order on Bandcamp


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