Monday 22 August 2011

Music Video: Talking Heads – “Road To Nowhere”

It is crazy to think that I have loved this track for over 25 years now.  Where does the time go??  I fell in love with this song during my first year of high school and you know what that is like! It reminds me of everything that happened that year: It was the year that I discovered boys (especially Donovan Wessels), the year my parents got divorced and my father moved back to England.  It reminds me of a class project that I did with Rachael Shepherd.  We had to dramatise a scene from the book we were reading (Alan Garner’s Elidor) and we set it to this track and got really good marks for that.  It reminds me of our apartment in Susman Avenue and really bad fashion choices.  I think even back then I knew these were not sustainable fashion choices. 

What a fantastic track! Can you believe that it stimulates such a rush of memories?  What was your seminal high school track?



  1. Yay...memories...that was such FUN!!
    Have a shiny day kindred!


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