Monday 15 August 2011

Music Video: Dexy's Midnight Runners – “Geno”

Dexy’s Midnight Runners might be best known for their massive hit “Come on Eileen” but “Geno” is by far my favourite tracks of theirs.  “Geno” was their second single and first number 1 hit single.  It hit number 1 in the UK charts on May 3, 1980, just in time for my 7th birthday. 

It is strange because “Geno” was notable for being at odds with the post-punk, new wave sound of the day but to me, it epitomises that whole era in music, more so than The Specials, Madness or The Cure.  I guess you could say that my fate as a lover of alternative music and subsequent Coffin Kid was sealed pretty early on. 

My favourite part of “Geno” is the build up and then the first few chords.  I never tire of hearing it and this is one of that tracks that I can play over and over again on repeat.  I loved the trombone and saxophones in this track and it was “Geno” that first made me fall in love with brass instruments. 

Wikipedia says that “Geno” is a tribute to soul singer Geno Washington and that it was performed in the style of Geno Washington's Ram Jam Band.  Which is weird, because I don’t see the similarity at all between this song and, for example, Geno Washington’s “Michael (The Lover)”.  Oh well, I’m glad he inspired them and a pity they weren’t inspired enough to produce more than two number 1 hit singles.



  1. Now I'm feeling old. I remember hearing Geno on the radio when it first came out!

  2. Brilliant music is timeless. Pure genius. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great song, good band. From back in the day when some talent and originality was usually required to succeed in the music industry. I kinda forget about these guys, who were very much part of my youthful days...

  4. Yay...that was so awesome Emm...memories!! we are such kindreds !! Great vid..
    thanks for adding a sparkle to my evening

  5. @ John: Me too!! Although, I don't feel old as such, I always feel rather honoured to have been musically aware at that time.

    @ Wissy: Definitely timeless Wissy!

    @ William: There are actually some great artists out today but in those days, you had one brilliant song after the other in the charts. These days, I only get really moved once or twice a year.

    @ Kiki: Always a pleasure.


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