Tuesday 10 May 2011

Priest Trailer, Genre Movie Guide and Images

I'm really looking forward to seeing Priest which is rarely a good thing because it usually means that I land up being very, very disappointed.  I definitely think it is the type of film that has to be seen in theatres and I like that it is an atypical comic book movie.

Speaking of genres, they’ve issued a cool Priest genre movie guide today.  The idea is that if you’ve liked any of the major comic book, post apocalyptic, vampire, horror or sci-fi films of the past 30 years, you’re going to love Priest


Yes, they have compared Priest to Dark Knight, Blade Runner and Inception.  That is quite a bold comparison to make.  The reviews are in on Rotten Tomatoes but I try not to take reviews too seriously.  I often find that I’m underwhelmed by the most popular films (yes, Dark Knight, I’m talking about you) yet find myself captivated by outsiders like The Cell.  Whatever the verdict, Priest has some exquisite steampunk imagery and outstanding costumes and art design.

Personally, I’m just looking forward to seeing Cam Gigandet on the big screen again.

Lily Collins and Paul Bettany in PriestMaggie Q in PriestPaul Bettany and Cam Gigandet in PriestMaggie Q in PriestPaul Bettany in PriestMaggie Q in Priest

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  1. I am sold. I want to see it out of curiosity. Not sure if I can sit calmly through the whole movie, but we will find out. Your infographic is awesome info.


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