Monday 6 December 2010

Music Monday ~ 41: ELO – Livin’ Thing

If last week's "Fade to Grey" is my favourite song of all time, then "Livin' Thing" by Electric Light Orchestra is surely the song that I have loved the longest. I have very clear memories of hearing this in 1976 and I was no more than three-years-old at the time.  The benefit of being a serial expat is that it couldn’t have been much later than that as we were out of England by the next year.  I remember my uncle’s bohemian digs in London and all the colourful, magnificent clothes they all wore.  I remember jamming sessions in London parks, visiting Camden Lock and how magical London was compared to grey and staid St Helens and Liverpool.

I adore this song and it has the ability to lift me up no matter how grey my day!



  1. Hey Emm..fabulous tune!! your uncles's threads sound awesome...!..Love this song cool you were 3..I would have been 5..I am sure we would have been great friends as kids dancing about to this song ha ha!
    have a dazzling week ahead!

  2. @ Kiki: ahah! So we were definitely of the same generation!


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