Monday 27 September 2010

Music Monday ~ 33: Uncorrupted – Museum


I can’t stop listening to this song and I think it is just incredible.  It has everything that makes a perfect song for me – it is melancholy, powerful and epic.

That is not the only reason you should listen to this song though.  Museum have just completed their debut album Traces Of and I honestly believe they are on the verge of becoming big, very big.  With over 100,000 listeners and 900,000 plays, they are the most listened to unsigned band on and I hope that their new album sends them into orbit.

The good news is that I have secured an advance copy of the album which I will review soon and in the meantime, you can visit their page or their website and download some of their tracks for free.



  1. Gorgoeusnessss! Thanks Emm! I have been spun into a spell..

  2. Hey ! I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award at

  3. @ Kiki: Ha! Aren't they lovely!

    @ Kathryn: Thank you m'dear!


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