Saturday 24 July 2010

Movie news: Twelve (starring Chace Crawford)

This one looks interesting.  In 2002, seventeen-year-old Nick McDonell released the controversial novel Twelve which was a sort of modern day combination of the great Bret Easton Ellis novel Less Than Zero and Jay McInerney's Bright Lights, Big City.  According to the blurb, Twelve is a story about the “disaffection, despair, drug use and violence” among a group of Manhattan's elite teenage set and was one of those books that people either loved or hated. 

Now Twelve has been made into an allegedly powerful film of the same name directed by Joel Schumacher.  The film is due for release on August 6 and stars Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl), Emma Roberts (Valentine’s Day) and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson with Kiefer Sutherland narrating.

Twelve movie Chace Crawford is White Mike and Curtis 50 Cent Jackson is Lionel

Twelve tells the story of White Mike (played by Chace Crawford), a drug dealer who peddles to the rich and privileged teens of Manhattan.  White Mike’s world is turned upside down when his cousin is murdered and his best friend is arrested for the murder.

I really like Chace Crawford in Gossip Girl and I think he is great as Nate Archibald.  Of course, I don’t like him quite as much as Ed Westwick who plays Chuck Bass and who just happens to be sex on legs

Twelve movie Curtis 50 Cent Jackson is LionelTwelve movie Chace Crawford is White Mike

It will also be interesting to see whether Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson can actually act.  He’s been in a handful of films over the past five years though and has never made a splash so I’ll have to reserve judgement until I see this film.

Twelve movie Emily Meade is Jessica Brayson

Emma Roberts plays Molly, White Mike’s pure and somewhat sheltered friend.  Emma Roberts is the is the niece of Julia Roberts and the daughter of Eric Roberts and looks to make quite an impact in years to come. 

Twelve movie Emma Roberts is MollyTwelve movie Emily Meade is Jessica Brayson

I think this film could be good if it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  I’m definitely looking forward to this film but I know it could easily turn out to be complete rubbish.  It could be as good as Less Than Zero or even Cruel Intentions or it could miss the mark completely and tank.  Perhaps the eye candy alone will keep viewers interested?

Twelve movie Chace Crawford is White Mike and Curtis 50 Cent Jackson is Lionel



  1. Sounds like it could be good movie, thanks for the heads up, I will go check it out...

  2. Chace and 50 Cent will be on Jimmy Fallon next week, 50 also on The View, more will be coming.

    And this is movies website, trailer there.

  3. @ William: I agree - I think it si going to be good!

    @ Tom: Hey Tom. Thanks for stopping by! The video looks great too.


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