Monday 8 June 2009

Music Monday # 5: Muse – Butterflies and Hurricanes


This week's Music Monday is brought to you by a very sad Emm. Tickets for the Muse concert in London in November sold out in 9 minutes and I was unable to get a ticket. How very sad!

This is an exciting, dramatic song about chaos theory and the effect of one butterfly.

If one fangirl in London doesn't get tickets to the Muse gig, will the effect be felt the world over?

By the way, I am so not going to buy tickets for double the price they were available for on Friday. I did that twice with Glastonbury tickets and Pixies tickets and I won't do it again. There will be other Muse concerts. I used the money to buy new Sennheiser earphones for my iPod which made listening to my iPod today a very pleasurable experience.

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