Monday 1 June 2009

Music Monday # 4: Ambient Dub

I wasn’t going to do Music Monday today because I was in a bad mood and generally don’t play well with others at the best of times.*  However, I have been inspired.

My friend Bas over at uploaded an excellent cosmopolitan tribalism mix.  He thought I might like it and he was absolutely right.  It took me back over the past 15 years or so to some of the music that has touched my heart.  He called it ‘cosmopolitan tribalism’ which is an excellent term actually but the genre it matches the closest to on my iMandy is ‘ambient dub’.

1.  Banco de Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa

One of the first overtly political dance acts that I encountered, Banco de Gaia have done so much to raise awareness of the situation in Tibet.  The album “Last Train to Lhasa” contained much information on Tibet and this is the amazing title track off that album.


2. Radar – Running Away

From the amazing album Nothing is Real.  Radar is made up of Francis Peyrat and Christophe Goze and they have only made one album so far.  I absolutely love the haunting Arabic vocals and sounds and this albums takes me back to the one night we spent in a bedouin desert camp in Dubai.  If you’re reading this Francis and Chrstophe, please for the love of all things holy bring out another album.  I have just about burnt a hole through my Nothing is Real cd.


3. Rhythm of Space - Celeste

Taken from the 1996 Return to the Source album The Chakra Journey, this wasn’t my favourite song RTTS son but it was just about the only one I could find on YouTube.  This song reminds me of the mornings after long, long nights and I must have listened to it thousands of times before.  I think I have every RTTS release on cd and must upload a playlist of my favourite songs one day (when I have resolved the playlist issue).


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*I generally don't like doing memes or such posts on my blogs but I thought this particluar one would fit well on this blog, being a media blog. I also thought it would force me to blog about music on a weekly basis which is a good thing. But it can't ever be an excuse for writing crap posts, which is why I wasn't going to post today unless I came up with something good.


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