Thursday 14 May 2009

Music: Parlotones to be released in UK

The Parlotones, darlings of the South African alternative music scene, are set for a major release in the UK with their latest album “A World Next Door To Yours” due out on 01 June 2009.  While their previous album Radiocontrolledrobot is available on, this is the first time I have seen proper marketing and media releases in the press in this country.  It is very exciting indeed but nothing less than this magnificent band deserves.

Taken at Hillfox Market on 11 March 2007, just before I left South Africa. I got to see them five or six times live in settings varying from a live radio studio to a massive concert venue.

I first discovered The Parlotones on 5 November 2005.  They were supporting Violent Femmes at the Dome in Northgate and I ran to the front to buy their CD within about ten minutes of their act starting.  They are that good and their explosive stage acts are matched by their excellent and world class CD releases.


This is the first single from the album, Giant Mistake. The single was released in South Africa in 2007 and went to no 1 on the charts.  Here’s hoping it does well here.

The band are perhaps most famous for their cover of the Boom Boom Room classic "Here Comes The Man".  This is still my favourite song of theirs.


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  1. This really is a wonderful album. I just hope the full album is released, unlike the stripped down RadioControlledRobot that was released in the UK (local release had 16 tracks, UK release only 10)

  2. Hi Vanessa! I was looking at that last night. My local release of Radiocontrolledrobot had 18 songs on it!! We must compare notes... I know that some of the songs on Radiocontrolledrobot were re-releases and special extra tracks so it would be interesting to compare the tracklists between releases... Do you have Episoda?


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