Thursday 5 February 2009

TV: Prison Break ending

It's old news by now that Prison Break is ending after this season. The show will resume in the US on April 17th and will run for six more episodes plus a 2 hour grand finale. What is news is that I am not sad about this at all.

My relationship with Prison Break started back in early 2006. I had heard of the show starting in the US and had been waiting patiently for it to come to South Africa. What did happen was that they installed massive billboards of Wentworth Miller all over town and I am still not sure how I avoided an accident. There were several very scary episodes involving me nearly getting whiplash whilst staring at one of those billboards and almost driving straight into the minibus taxi in front of me.

Good looks and hot, muscle bound, incarcerated men alone couldn't have carried this show though and when Prison Break did release, it proved itself to be an exhilarating and clever show.

Not that a little good looking can't go a long way.

Michael Scofield

The first season of Prison Break worked because of its clever script involving clues, red herrings and a little bit of romance. I had my doubts as to whether season two would work at all and certainly thought that they'd call it a day after that. But subsequent seasons have shown enough changes in scenery to keep us coming back for more.

Did they succeed? I think so. I'm enjoying this season as much as the others and was happy to see an old face back (and extremely sad to see one very hot face leave the show in the first episode). The reason I'm not sad about the show ending is that this is the plan. So many of my favourite shows in the past couple of years got cancellation notices in the middle of a season after struggling with ratings. Shows like The OC and Charmed had such haphazard endings that you're forever left feeling more than slightly dissatisfied with the ending.

I just get the feeling that they are ending this show when it's most logical to do so and I am really optimistic that they'll give this fine show the fantastic conclusion it deserves. It might even be an idea if they released more fixed-length television series rather than trying to resuscitate dying shows like they do and cheating fans out of decent story lines. (Oh, don't mind me - I'm just a little bitter over recent events over at Ghost Whisperer. I'll get over it).

Final gratuitous hot picture of Wentworth Miller (for now):

Wentworth Miller

Speaking of which - what do you think Wentworth Miller can do now? I personally would love to see him as the love interest / conflicted demon in a supernatural thriller. I think he could do dark, conflicted and good/bad so well.



  1. I'm a huge Prison Break fan, but being in Japan, I'm still waiting for the season 3 episodes 8-? to come out.

    I'm not sure what Mr. Miller can do. The interviews I've seen with him in show him as a person similar to the character of Michael. I've seen him in one episode of Ghost Whisperer that was similar to Michael as well. If he can break out of that character (no pun intended) he could probably get more roles.

  2. @ Thomas: Hiya! Thanks for stopping by! I had to go back on the post and make sure I didn't spoil it for anyone who is only up to season 3 but thankfully I didn't. :0)

    I agree - Michael Schofield was such an iconic role, Miller really does need to branch out into something completely different now!

  3. hi emm - i love Prison Break! though i don't know it is ending already. like you, im not sad about the series coming to an end. just excited at how will it end... i will surely wait for that!

  4. @ mye: Hiya! Thanks for stopping by! I hope I didn't spoil it by telling yu it was going to end - but I tried not to give the story away. Where are you up to?


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