Saturday 3 January 2009

Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor...

... and I'm not disappointed.

Matt Smith
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I spent the past year or so being... irritated by the constant speculation over who was to be the next Doctor Who. Essentially, Russell T Davies, DW's ex-head writer, was constantly spreading silly rumours about who "would make a fabulous next Doctor". And so the rumour mill went into overdrive and fans of Harry Lloyd, Russell Tovey and Patterson Joseph (among countless others) became convinced that their favourite star was going to be the next Doctor.  It was just tiresome and became even more so after David Tennant announced that he was quitting at the end of 2009.

Well, I have to say that I am not disappointed with tonight's announcement on Doctor Who Confidential.  I was not happy with any of the bookies' favourites up to now and Matt Smith was completely unexpected.  From the interview clips with him it is clear that he is a complete and utter loon and therefore, he'll be perfect for the role.  He has earned his stripes in Party Animals and The Ruby in the Smoke and has shown that he is a talented, versatile actor.  I only hope that he'll dress in sexy Victorian clothing and doesn't disappoint us.

The next Doctor
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  1. Thanks Pizza! That is nice of you to say!

  2. I just hope that they try to aim the series back to being more like the series was for the first seven Doctors. But I doubt it...

  3. Hi Rob! Do you mean in the way that they focused more on alien worlds, planets and technologies and it wasn't all about the relationships and the companions?


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