Thursday 25 September 2008

Film: Taken (2008)

My appraisal of films has never been a very sophisticated process. I base my reviews on whether I enjoy the two hours that I sit in the cinema or whether it makes me forget about the outside world and whatever is on my mind. I consider whether I relate to the characters or indeed, whether I fall in love with them. Factors such as "sitting on the edge of my seat", "screaming out loud" or "feeling like a child again" score highly in my books as does a film that keeps me thinking about it for hours or days after I have seen it. I like to think that I write people's reviews and not critics' reviews but at the same time my reviews are very personal. If I feel personally slighted by a film, I will let you know about it. Actually, I am more likely to enjoy a film and rate it highly than I am television at the moment. I've recently discovered that television can leave me highly vexed.

Back to films though: last night, Stephen and I travelled to the east of London to see the movie premier for "Taken". We went to the Genesis Cinema on Mile End Road in Stepney Green. I had won the tickets through Eros at the Evening Standard. Later tonight I'll upload pictures over at Emm in London.

taken1_largeTaken is a film about a former spy whose daughter is kidnapper by human traffickers while she is on holiday in France. It stars the gorgeous Liam Neeson as former-spy Bryan, Maggie Grace as his daughter Kim and Famke Janssen as his ex-wife. The film also features Katie Cassidy as Kim's friend Amanda. Katie Cassidy is better known as the gorgeous Ruby on Supernatural. Oh my! Maggie Grace played Shannon on Lost - I totally didn't recognise her!!!

Gratuitous Katie Cassidy picture: katie-cassidy-supernatural

The film was really fast paced and yes, I sat right on the edge of my chair for most of it. I found it was refreshing in that it wasn't too far fetched and a lot of the concepts were in fact quite novel. Therefore, the film wasn't your standard stereotypical action flick. I enjoyed the pace and I enjoyed the placement of other characters, for example Jean-Claude a fellow former operative turned pencil-pusher. I enjoyed the Paris setting as well and overall I'd have to say that this was a good movie expereince. I'd give it nine points out of ten, with one point deducted because I couldn't figure out what he did with the first girl he rescued. Definitely worth driving to the dodgy neighbourhood of Stepney Green for.


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