Wednesday 10 September 2008

DVD: Films I finally got to see

Well, it took forever but I finally got to see a couple of DVDs:

28 Days Later


I'd have to say that this movie wasn't what I was expecting, but then I can't exactly remember what I was expecting.  Stephen's verdict was that I should hire "normal" DVD's from now on.
I found this to be a beautiful and moving film of apocalyptic proportions. In the weeks since I watched the DVD, I have often found myself thinking about it. A strange thing to say for a zombie film that could easily pass for an episode of Spooks: Code 9. (Yes, I am aware that Spooks: Code 9 came out long after this film). cillian-murphy-01-758160
This film is just different and the cinematography is really dark and sweeping. I really related to Jim's struggle as he tried to come to terms with a world completely different to the one he had left behind when he went into a coma four weeks earlier. Jim is played by the gorgeous and brilliant Cillian Murphy. Definitely an actor to keep an eye on in the future.

The Notebook


I remember when this film came out it had a really big impact on my best friend Heather. Despite this and despite being mad about Ryan Gosling, I just never got around to seeing it.
I really love the whole premise of an old man reading a love story to an old woman. This is a really beautiful, classic love story and it is one of those wonderful films that take you on a journey of highs and lows as you cheer and cry with the characters. It is a definite "holding hands with the hero, fall in love with the heroine" type of tale (reference to Hothouse Flowers: Movies).

The Pianist


I remember being surprised when Adrien Brody won the Oscar for Best Actor for this film because I had not heard of the film at that time. I need not have been concerned though. This film is an absolute masterpiece and Brody's performance is absolute moving and superb. This film is the true story of Wladyslaw Szpilman's struggle to survive and escape persecution at the hands of the Nazi invaders in Warsaw. This film is epic and the story remains important today. Make sure you see it.


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