Wednesday 18 July 2007

TV: A Little More Obsessive

Just a little update, because I'm actually making progress. Woo hoo, go me. /sarcasm

  • Grey's Anatomy: Season 3, episode 8 (Staring at the Sun). That's all I have. :( I so need more...
  • Psych: Season 1, episode 5 (9 Lives). Not sure at all whether I actually like this show. Great to half listen to when I'm playing games.

And the rest from before...

  • Supernatural: Season 2, episode 13 (Houses of the Holy). Actually, I probably need to watch both seasons over as I'm uber-clueless at the moment when it comes to the Hottest Brothers on Earth.
  • Life on Mars: Season 2. I'm just going to start this season over I think.
  • Heroes: Season 1, episode 8 (Seven Minutes to Midnight). Thank goodness I can actually remember what I watched here so catching up shouldn't be hard.
  • Prison Break: Season 2, episode 5 (Map 1213). How could I have forsaken my Wenty??
  • Rome: Season 2. Will start season only.Mmmm Tobias Menzies
  • The O.C.: Season 4, episode 13 (The Case of the Franks).
  • Veronica Mars: Season 3, episode 14 (Mars, Bars).
  • 24: Season 6. No idea. Will need to start again.
  • Weeds: Season 2, episode 9 (Bash).

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