Wednesday 22 November 2006

TV: Without a Trace - When Darkness Falls

I don't think you can put pictures on episode reviews, so I thought I ought to post this picture here:

Poppy Montgomery
So pretty!

This was such an excellent episode. I thought Anthony LaPaglia's acting was superb and his performance at the end of the episode when his father died was just amazing. I liked the departure this week from the show's usual formula and I felt that the directors handled the dissociative amnesia remarkably well. (Psychological disturbances have so often been portrayed incorrectly in TV and film, the worst being Trisha Alden's MPD being described as schizophrenia in the now defunct soap, Loving).

I also enjoyed watching Poppy Montgomery in her role as Sam Spade. She is absolutely lovely - so demure and composed. In fact, I far prefer pictures of her where she isn't trying to look sexy or sultry, because to me that shines from deep inside of her.


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