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Review Policy

I am passionate about media and I like to share that passion with my readers.  I do accept materials for review but I reserve the right to choose my assignments carefully.  As you can see from the notes below, I have a wide range of interests and genres but look to the quality of the material and the assets provided when choosing what to review or cover.

Review Materials: includes Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs and books.  I do not return review materials but do accept digital downloads.  I live in the UK, so please keep that in mind when offering to post out review materials.

Music:  If you are an unsigned or emerging band, I would love to review your stuff.  My favourite genres are indie rock, indie electronic, noise pop, dance punk, dark wave and industrial but I will relate to anything with a good hook.  Think Klaxons, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Muse and Deadmau5.  I like big beat and progressive house / trance too but will not review mainstream pop or dance (think Justin Bieber or Britney Spears). I'm more than happy to review signed or established bands too, of course, but love discovering previously unknown gems.

Film: I review both films currently on circuit and on Blu-ray or DVD.  My current favourite genres include horror, drama, thrillers, fantasy, and science fiction.  Apparently I have no sense of humour so comedies are usually a waste of time.

Books:  I will review the following genres: science fiction, fantasy, romance, urban fantasy, young adult and teen.  I prefer books to be published and prefer not to accept self-published books as experience has shown that these books are often in need of proof-reading and that is not my purpose.  My preferences are constantly morphing so do contact me about other genres.  Non-fiction books are primarily reviewed over at A Passion to Understand and genres include war, biography, social justice.

Assets:  assets are any images, mp3s, videos or biographies that you can provide that will make my job easier.  Assets will help me write teaser or promotional articles which often work better than reviews.
  • Music and mp3 links should be permanent links to a dedicated server and I do not provide links to organisations such as YouSendIt where links expire.
  • As your video material will be copyrighted, I won’t be able to host your videos myself and will need embeddable links such as YouTube.
  • Images will be hosted by me and will be posted in the highest resolution possible.

I would love to hear from you and to discuss your project so do not hesitate to contact Mandy on:

You will find that I am friendly and enthusiastic, even when I can’t help you out.

Note: I am a writer at and reviews are primarily posted on both sites to ensure greater coverage and exposure.

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