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Addicted to Media began with a simple question - how much is too much? How many books do you have to be reading at once or how many actors do you need to be obsessing about for it to become an addiction? Just how many times do you need to play the same track over and over again? How serious would it be if a family member prevented you from seeing an episode of Doctor Who?

Addicted to Media is a site for people for whom the answer to all of those questions is quite simple.

Television. Film. Music. Books.

About the Writer

Addicted to Media is the brainchild of Mandy Southgate. It started off as a scrapbook of sorts, a place to keep all of my obsessions in one place instead of being scattered across Last.fm, TV.com and Goodreads. I like to think the blog is witty and irreverent, it’s certainly not meant to be serious, but woe betide the TV programme or book that disappoints me.

Addicted to Media is an escape – it is where I come to hide when I’m not taking over the world in my little part of corporate purgatory.  If you’d like to track me down across the web, there are all sorts of links in the sidebar to your right ranging from email to Twitter to Facebook.

Current quests:

  • Superior young adult fiction: my quest is to discover superior young adult fiction: fantastic, diverse, original, heartbreaking, uplifting, powerful, moving, inspiring books
  • Indie horror films: my quest is to discover the perfect horror trifecta: scares, plot and good acting
  • Audiobooks: my quest is to double my consumption of books by listening to Audiobooks in every spare minute.

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