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Five Most Anticipated YA Audiobook Releases in March 2021

Audiobook Releases March 2021 | Superior Young Adult Fiction

I genuinely can't believe it's almost March already. I know that years begin to accelerate as you grow older but lockdown seems to be making time speed by. January and February were okay but we had a lot of snow and that means I didn't go for my usual runs or walks. I've made a promise to myself to correct that now that spring is on the way and that means I'll hopefully be listening to more audiobooks. I'm hesitant because I'm still listening to last months reads! Never mind, there is time to be found in your day if you just make the time to find it.

Here are the UK YA audiobook releases I’m most looking forward to in March 2021.

The Lake by Natasha Preston

Narrated by: Lillie Ricciardi
Length: 9 hrs and 2 mins
Release date: 02-03-21
Publisher: Listening Library


Hot on the heels of The Twin, the undisputed queen of YA thrillers is back with a scary and suspenseful listen about a summer camp filled with dark secrets.

Esme and Kayla once were campers at Camp Pine Lake. They're excited to be back this year as CITs (counsellors in training). Esme loves the little girls in her cabin and thinks it's funny how scared they are of everything - spiders, the surly head counsellor, the dark, boys... even swimming in the lake! It reminds her a little of how she and Kayla used to be, once. Before... it happened.

This sounds delightfully creepy and I love the cover. That's enough for me!

Pre-order The Lake

Dear Martin by Nic Stone

Narrated by: Dion Graham
Series: Dear Martin, Book 1
Length: 4 hrs and 33 mins
Release date: 04-03-21
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio UK


Justyce McAllister is top of his class and set for the Ivy League – but none of that matters to the police officer who just put him in handcuffs. And despite leaving his rough neighbourhood behind, he can't escape the scorn of his former peers or the ridicule of his new classmates.

Justyce looks to the teachings of Dr Martin Luther King Jr for answers. But do they hold up anymore? He starts a journal to Dr King to find out.

We've been waiting three long, arduous years for the audiobook of Dear Martin to be released in the UK, so long, in fact, that the sequel Dear Justyce is being released the same day. This is crazy, book publishers. You need to realise that we don't see nationality or location on Goodreads or Bookstagram and withholding rights in certain countries is stupid. Obviously, I'm pre-ordering this one after waiting so long to read it!

Pre-order Dear Martin or pre-order Dear Justyce.

A Better Bad Idea by Laurie Devore

Narrated by: Ann Marie Gideon, Catherine Taber
Length: 8 hrs
Release date: 16-03-21
Publisher: Listening Library


Laurie Devore's new YA novel is a searing look at a forgotten girl who has no good choices left, but one better bad idea....

Evelyn Peters is desperate. Desperate for a way out of McNair Falls, the dying southern town that's held her captive since the day she was born. Desperate to protect her little sister from her mother's terrifying and abusive boyfriend. And desperate to connect with anyone, even fallen golden boy Ashton Harper, longtime boyfriend of the girl Evelyn can never stop thinking about - beautiful, volatile, tragically dead Reid Brewer.

I'm getting strong Courtney Summers vibes from this one so of course I'm going to listen to it.

Pre-order A Better Bad Idea

The Cost Of Knowing by Brittney Morris

Narrated by: Kevin R. Free
Length: 9 hrs and 30 mins
Release date: 22-03-21
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books


Sixteen year old Alex Rufus lives with his younger brother, Isaiah, in a quiet neighbourhood in Chicago. But recently, the neighbours are on high alert - whenever they see someone they don't think looks safe, they take matters into their own hands, often calling the cops without reason.

Alex starts taking on more shifts at the local ice-cream shop, Scoops, and spending time with his girlfriend, Talia. But then Alex starts experiencing visions of the future whenever he touches objects or the people around him. And when he picks up a family photo, he has a vision that his younger brother, Isaiah, is going to die - he can't tell how, but he knows it will be soon.

I loved Brittney Morris's debut novel Slay and have been waiting for 18 long months to see what she'd release next. This sounds fascinating and a definite yes from me.

Pre-order The Cost of Knowing

A Time of Fear: America in the Era of Red Scares and Cold War by Albert Marrin

Narrated by: Jason Culp
Length: 5 hrs and 30 mins
Release date: 30-03-21
Publisher: Listening Library


From National Book Award Finalist and Sibert Honor Author Albert Marrin, a timely examination of Red Scares in the United States, including the Rosenbergs, the Hollywood Ten, and the McCarthy era.

In 20th-century America, no power - and no threat - loomed larger than the communist superpower of the Soviet Union. America saw in the dreams of the Soviet Union the overthrow of the US government, and the end of democracy and freedom. Meanwhile, the Communist Party of the United States attempted to use deep economic and racial disparities in American culture to win over members and sympathizers.

I was surprised to see this title at first - you don't see enough non-fiction YA titles but I can confirm that Marrin has written this specifically for a teen audience and it sounds fascinating. I'm all for history that isn't dry or boring.

Pre-order A Time of Fear

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