Monday 23 May 2011

Music Video: Cast–“Sandstorm"

Noel Gallagher of Oasis once described watching Cast live as a "religious experience" and they were labelled "The Who of the 90's".  Hailing from Liverpool, England, Cast burst onto the scene at the height of the Britpop explosion and their 1995 album All Change became Polydor’s best selling album.

“Sandstorm” is one of those iconic, epic songs.  At the beginning of 1996, I was living and working  at a pub in Liverpool.  “Sandstorm” was playing everywhere and it will always remind me of that happy, confident, fearless time.  I love that you can just hear vocalist John Power’s Liverpudlian accent in the song.

I’ll never forget waking up on the plane on my way back to Johannesburg.  The sun was streaming through the windows on the left side of the plane and I was listening to “Sandstorm” on the inflight entertainment.  I felt on top of the world as we touched down in South Africa and I embarked on my post-graduate studies.


Cast – “Sandstorm”

All Change (1995)

I've got a sandstorm blowin' in my head
I'm seein' many colours but the only one that's coming through is red
And it's stoppin' me dead tryin' to make some tracks
But my feet are feeling like lead
Stop being bled, stop being bled

Oh my things aren't the same
Anyone could see that if I stayed much longer
I'd be tamed
We stopped playing games
I'm not pointing fingers but I'm not taking all the blame
Playin' all your games, taking all your blame

I said oh no, I don't even care
I guess I'll be seein' you
I guess I'll be leaving you today
We're just not a pair
I know you've been trying but I just can't bear to tell a lie'
Tellin' me all your lies
Tellin' me all your lies

Let me take you by the hand
Try to understand,
You walk me to a land,
Try to understand,
Are you nothing but a man?

I've got a sandstorm blowin' in my head
I'm seein' many colours but the only one that's coming through is red
You know how we feel, we can't go on pretending
And we've just got to fix the deal
Gotta make it real
Gotta make it real



  1. Video doesn't work in my country. Waaaaaaa! I know the song though. Great pick! :-)

  2. Its strange when you haven't heard a song in a long time, and this is one of them - Fantastic choice & Thanks for sharing - Happy MM x

  3. Not familiar with this song. I had to go to youtube to find it. Thanks for sharing with me, though.

    Happy MMM!

    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    Read today's post ...
    I Love 80s Music!

  4. I just love his voice ...good pick... hope your doing ok Emm

    Happy MM! and thanks for stopping by :-)

  5. That is so weird. first time I get a video unavailable to me.

    Thanks for sharing with us though

  6. I'm not familiar with the song - it is insane that it was so huge, but I was living with metal musicians in 95-97 and listened to mostly heavy rock at the time.

  7. this is my first time to hear it...
    thanks for sharing
    Happy MM

  8. I wish the video would work for me, it sounds intriguing! :) I'll have to hunt it down and see if I can listen to it. :)

    The World Didn't Come to an End, So Let's Enjoy Some Music!

  9. Good song. I always thought Cast would go on to bigger things.

  10. Hi there,
    I stopped by from the Monday's Music Moves Me Blog Hop and I'm following you via GFC. Do stop by...
    Have a great week!

  11. Not available in my country???... Ohwell.

  12. Nice one! I liked the lyrics also! My favourite line :

    I'm not pointing fingers but I'm not taking all the blame

    When something goes wrong it's not just the ones fault ;)


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